Plan Your event

We can do weddings, birthdays, corporate events, block parties and everything in between. Just let us know what type of party, how many people and we can outfit the trailer to match.




Choose your booze & purchase the goods

Our trailers are equipped with fully functioning draft systems that can serve beer, wine, soda and coffee on tap. We can serve two to four different types of kegged beverages at once depending on the trailer. Along with this, we can accommodate bottled wine, champagne, mixed drinks and signature cocktails.

Now due to Florida law and licensing requirements, we are unable to sell alcohol directly to you and your guests. Never fear. We have a solution! We have preferred vendor partners that can provide beer and wine for you at a discounted cost to save you money and we’ll deliver it. Also, because we don’t make money on the sale of alcohol we want to make it as cheap as possible for you. So if you would like to procure the booze yourself and bring it the day of, that works too!




We roll up. You Party.

We roll up in our trailer with everything you need for your event. A lot of our peers charge for everything from straws to sodas and everything else you can think of. While we do have additional amenities you can add, all the basics are included in our pricing.



Whats Included.

Trailer with Full Draft System

2-3 Professional Bartenders for Your Event (5 Hours)

$1 Million Dollar General and Liquor Liability Insurance

Ice & Bottled Water

Sodas (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Club Soda)

Drink Tumblers (Beer, Wine & Cocktail)

Garnishes & Drink Napkins