Q. What is included in the price?

A. Our pricing is all inclusive minus the cost of alcohol. This means that we will bring everything you need for the party except the booze (due to licensing). From cups and ice to mixers and garnishes we have wrapped it up into one cost to make it easier on you. Check out our main page to see a full list.

Q. Where do we buy the alcohol?

A. Since we are not licensed to sell alcohol you can buy the alcohol anywhere you want! Having said, that we do have vendor partners for beer and wine that help keep the cost as close to wholesale as possible for you.

If you do decide to use our vendors for beer and wine we will pick it and deliver it at no additional cost. If you decide to use another option that's completely fine but you are responsible for getting it to the venue the day of the event.

For liquor we always suggest that you purchase from a Costco, Sam's Club or BJ’s wholesale. You do not need a membership to access their liquor store and its the cheapest way to purchase liquor.  

Q. What size liquor bottles should I get?

A. If you’re serving liquor at your event, we require our clients to get 750ml bottles. This is due to ease of use for our bartenders. We want your event to go as smoothly as possible and larger bottles don’t allow for pour spouts and make it harder to mix drinks. So we kindly ask that when you’re purchasing liquor you buy the smaller 5th bottles.  

Q. How much alcohol should I buy?

A. This is a tricky question because there is no perfect answer. We always like to heir on the side of caution and have more than enough rather than be short. To figure out the ball park amount of booze you should have we like to start with how many total drinks we need.

To figure this out first we look at the total guest count. So lets say to make it easy, there will be 100 guest for the event. On average its safe to assume that each guest will drink 1.25 drinks an hour. So if we had a 4 hour event we would use the following equation.

Total drinks needed = (100 guests X 1.25 drinks) X 4 hours

= 125 drinks X 4 Hours

= 500 drinks

From here we determine what were going to be serving to our guests? Beer, wine and/or liquor? Then you have to determine what percentage of beer, wine, or liquor drinkers you have and see how many drinks you need of each type of alcohol.

Serving Sizes look something like this:

Beer - 24pk, 1/6th barrel keg (55 beers), 1/2 barrel keg (165 beers)

Wine - 750ml (5 glasses)

Liquor - 750ml (39 mixed drinks)

Q. What if I don’t want to serve alcohol at my event?

A. No fear! We have local partners for coffee, kombucha, kefir water and others as well. Check out our vendor partner page to see who we work with!

Q. Can you do events without the trailer?

A. Yes! Just recently we have added our auxiliary bar to our service menu so we can now serve any event. It is still all-inclusive (minus the alcohol) and fits our unique style. Check out our instagram to see some of the events we have served with it.

Q. What type of glasses do you use?

A. For a lot of reasons we use plastic ware for all of our drinks. They are safer, easier to clean and allows us to keep service more efficient. However we do use very upscale high end 9 and 12 oz all clear plastic ware.

Q. What does beer and wine typically cost?

A. So obviously there is no exact number due to the fact that it depends on what you want to serve. Below I have listed a good estimate guideline for you to review based on the number of guests you have.

Number of Guests / Estimated Alcohol Cost

50 or less / $150 - 300

50 - 100 / $300 - 500

100 - 150 / $400 - 600

150 or more / $500+